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Alexander Lööf vows to be mean on enemy territory: “If I lose everyone hates me anyways”



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Alexander Lööf. Photo: Stev Bonhage

Undefeated MMA fighter Alexander Lööf is about to face the biggest test of his young professional career. On Friday September 29, he will enter the cage at Cage Warriors 160 in Manchester, England, to face fellow undefeated featherweight phenomenon Luke Riley.

In an exclusive interview with Frontkick, the calm and collected Swede opens up on his biggest fight to date and gives his take on the undefeated Liverpudlian.

“I feel great! Felt really sharp and quick at the last training session, had good timing and speed, everything was tight. On Friday he will feel sorry,” Lööf says. “Fighting on enemy territory is more fun than usual. I like fighting on my home arena, the support from the crowd helps a lot, but at the same time I feel like I’ll be meaner on enemy turf. Nobody there likes you, so you get more nasty. I will be one mean motherfucker, and if I lose everyone hates me anyways. I’ve got everything to win.”

What do you have to say about Luke?

“We will both enter the fight with pressure, but he’s got the pressure of fighting on his home turf. But who knows, maybe he will get stronger from it, you never know, “Lööf laughs. “He’s a very talented stand up fighter, with great boxing, great cardio and he can keep a high pace through the fight. I like that we’re similar in many ways, same age, similar records and undefeated. That pushes me.”

“Paddy Pimblett is his training partner too, so he will probably have good support. Paddy might even be in his corner, that would have been fun, I think he coached him before.”

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Photo by Stefan Romare /

Alexander Lööf is not bothered about perfect record

Having an undefeated record has been important in boxing for a long time, and some experts fear that it will be more important in MMA in the future too. However, that’s someting that doesn’t bother the undefeated Swede.

“It’s dangerous to listen too much to that kind of stuff. Sometime in the future I might lose, and it doesn’t matter. If it happens, I couldn’t worry less,” Lööf reasons. “My goal is to win the fight, if I do all I can to do that I’ll be satisfied.”

Having a flawless record of 5-0, he often gets the question if keeping an undefeated winning streak puts pressure on him.

“A flawless record can help, but then you see fighters in Dana White’s Contender Series with a 8-0 record get their ass kicked as soon as they face an opponent who actually can fight,” Lööf says. “I rather face the tough ones before I get there, fighters like Samuel Bark, Luke Riley and Amir Malekpour. If I win against them I know where my level is.”

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