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Ali Taleb dominates Nawras Abzakh to secure spot in semifinals




Ali Taleb faced Nawras Abzakh. Photo via PFL

Ali Taleb just took on Nawras Abzakh at PFL MENA 1.

The pairing clashed back in 2021, at UAE Warriors 17, with Taleb coming out as the winner via a second-round TKO.

Abzakh scored a takedown early, but Taleb got back up and began putting on the pressure on the feet, landring crisp shots.

The second round was similar to the first, with Taleb getting back to the feet following a takedown from Abzakh and then continuing to pressure on the feet.

Taleb continued to look good on the feet in the third round but Abzakh would eventually score another takedown. Though Abzakh held top position Taleb was more effective with his strikes and the fight ended with the Jordanian on top.

Taleb would go on to win a unanimous decision and now advances to the semifinals.

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Ali Taleb competed in PFL for two years

The Swedish bantamweight has competed in both the 2022 PFL Playoffs and in PFL Europe 2023.

In his last fight, at PFL Europe 3 in September last year, he suffered his first pro loss, which snapped his impressive nine-fight winning streak.

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