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All we know about the Nordic Muay Thai Championships in Stockholm



Nordic Muay Thay Championships

The Nordic Muay Thai Championships will take place in Stockholm on November 3 and 4. The event will be arranged by South Side Arena.

The National Teams of Sweden. Norway, Denmark and Finland will compete during a weekend of striking action.

In a comment to Frontkick’s sister site Maximum Sports, coach Rodde Silva of South Side Arena shares his thoughts about the event.

“The fans can expect a well-organized event. It will take place during the day time,” Silva says. “It will be a tournament where the National Team’s will face each other. It will be a banger!”

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Nordic Muay Thai Championships

The event will take place at Kampsportstadion and feature fighters from both the National Team’s and Youth National Teams. South Side promises a great event for the fighters and the Muay Thai fans.

“As organizers want to bring back life into the Nordic Muay Thai Championships since it’s been dead for a long time,” Silva says.

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