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Christopher Bajo blasts ‘corrupt’ judging at ARMMADA: “Piece of shit organization”



Christopher Bajo ARMMADA

Christopher Bajo fought at ARMMADA 9. Photo: Patrik Persson and YouTube

Swedish welterweight Christopher Bajo is not happy at all with the judging in his last fight.

This past weekend he took on Luka Lakic in the main event of Serbian MMA promotion ARMMADA 9. Despite feeling he was the most aggressive fighter, controlling most part of the action and doing most damage, the Swede lost a decision to his Serbian opponent.

“After looking at it again, there’s not a shadow of a doubt that I won that fight,” Bajo tells Frontkick on Tuesday. “It’s so corrupt down there. I do know that you often need a finish to win on enemy turf, but I steamrolled that dude. Easy.”

Now, he warns his fellow fighters to compete at ARMMADA in Serbia.

“As a Swedish fighter you should never go down to that piece of shit organization and compete there,” Bajo says.

Check out the full fight with Christopher Bajo in the player below. The action starts at the 3:02 mark.

Christopher Bajo vs. Luka Lakic at ARMMADA 9

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