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Felipe Lima responds to Jonas Mågård’s accusations: “Stop lying you pathetic rat”



Bantamweight champion Felipe Lima. Photo via OKTAGON MMA

Former OKTAGON bantamweight champion Jonas Mågård just hinted that Felipe Lima defeated used some kind of unfair methods to defeat him in this past Friday’s title fight.

Now, Lima makes a sharp response with an Instagram story of his own.

“I’m a real athlete and fighter, I don’t need to use anything to win against you, stop lying you pathetic rat. Everyone knows that you’re the liar! You have being lying the whole fight camp, that’s why you paid the price. Stop with you lies and accept that I beat the shit of you with me knee injured. And last but not least, I wish the best to you and family, and concentrate on getting back instead..  Instagram fighter. Tack,” Lima wrote in an Instagram story.

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Felipe Lima rides a 12-fight winning streak

Before securing the OKTAGON bantamweight title, Felipe Lima won the FCR bantamweight title in 2021 as he knocked out Evgeny Odnorog with a spectacular flying knee in the first round.

The Swedish-Brazilian’s only professional loss came against Ivan Luiz back in 2015, at a local Brazilian MMA event.

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