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Mateusz Legierski interview: “Akonne Wanliss is destroying true sport spirit”



Mateusz Legierski MMA 1

Mateusz Legierski. Photo via Instagram (@legierskimateusz)

Mateusz “Dynamit” Legierski is one of the hottest fighters in the €1 million OKTAGON lightweight tournament.

The Polish 27-year-old made it to the quarter finals by defeating Matous Kohout, an opponent Legierski claims was “easy money”. He finished Kohout with an impressive first-round submission to face fellow stoppage machine Akonne Wanliss next.

Legierski is not impressed by the trash-talking British fighter, and intends to make him pay for putting MMA in a bad light.

“He is just a clown trying to make his career out of stupid laughter and trash talk,” he tells Frontkick in an exclusive interview. “He doesn’t make me laugh. I feel sorry for him. I will kick him out of OKTAGON.”

“Sells his intimacy for money like a prostitute”

Ahead of his opening fight in the tournament, Wanliss provoked his Swedish opponent Sahil Siraj and his team, to a point where it turned into a physical altercation. Fans all over the world were displeased with the Brit’s behavior, and the Polish lightweight agrees with the general opinion.

“I think that he did not act like a sportsman, he is a big mouth trash talker. He provoked Sahil Siraj first,” Legierski says.

As far as the 27-year-old is concerned, Wanliss is nothing but a disgrace to the sport of MMA.

“He is destroying true sport spirit. He is disgusting. I agree with what Patrik Kincl said some time ago. What he does I would not recommend for teenagers and also he does not fit to OKTAGON standards. People come here with families and children. He says a lot of shit, offending people, promotes being a stripper, sells his intimacy for money like a prostitute.”

“That is why I will smash him and kick his ass out of OKTAGON. I will fight in the name of all Czech and Slovak fans who support real sport and respect, not shit talking bitch man-prostitute like Akone who may suggest teenagers to take a shortcut.”

Mateusz Legierski OKTAGON MMA 1

Mateusz Legierski. Photo via OKTAGON MMA

He is the toughest opponent for Mateusz Legierski

If Mateusz Legierski gets his hand raised on June 8, he will make it to the semifinals, and get one step closer to glory and money. The second quarter final on the card is Acoidan Duque goes up against Mago Machaev.

The next quarter final clash will take place on July 20, with fighters like Losene Keita, Ronald Paradeiser, Daniel Torres and Predrag Bogdanovic.

Who’s the most dangerous opponent in the tournament for you?

“Keita, but perhaps I think that because I like him and I respect him.”

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