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Rising star Aitana Alvarez on OKTAGON debut: “I saw the fear in her eyes”



Aitana Alvarez 1 OKTAGON

Aitana Alvarez. Photo via OKTAGON

This past Saturday, Aitana Alvarez showed that she’s one of the hottest prospects in Europe as she dominated Megan Morris over three rounds at OKTAGON 56.

The fight marked her debut promotional and the Spanish fighter really put herself on the maps of many fight fans around Europe.

“Me and my team are really happy even if the fight turned out exactly the opposite of what we planned,” Alvarez tells Frontkick with a laugh.

“Our game plan changed when she tried to submit me the same way I was planning to finish her. When she went for the kimura I was like ‘what the fuck, that was what I prepared for you’.”

“I saw the fear in her eyes”

In the second round, the Allstars fighter really found her range and poured it on with relentless kicks and punches.

“If I just had 30 more seconds she would have been giving up in round two. She was about to quit. I saw the fear in her eyes. I really saw it,” Alvarez says.

Did fighting in OKTAGON live up to your expectations?

“Everything was amazing, I have no words to explain it. I knew they were a really professional promotion but it was even better than I thought. The most surprising thing was that the crowd cheered for me. The English fans were cool. I didn’t expect them to like me.”

Aitana Alvarez wants quick turnaround

Just two days after the impressive win, the Spanish flyweight is already back in the gym at Allstars Training Center preparing for what she hopes to be a quick return to action.

“Since I didn’t get hurt I’m hoping to be back in OKTAGON in the early summer,” Alvarez says. “I would like to face a Slovakian girl named Veronika Smolkova next. She looks like a pretty good standup fighter with power in her hands. That’s challenging so I would very much like to face her. Let’s make it happen!”

Exclusive interview with Aitana Alvarez: “I’m going to make her look like a beginner!”

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