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Sahil Siraj demands rematch: “I will get you one day”



Shahil Siraj Frontkick

Sahil Siraj and Akonne Wanliss. Photo via Instagram

Things are still heated between rivals Akonne Wanliss and Sahil Siraj after this past Saturday’s grudge match at OKTAGON 56.

Wanliss won the highly anticipated fight via knockout in the first round. In a video on Instagram, Siraj wants to run it back after the Brit showed unsportsmanship-like behaviour celebrating the win.

When Wanliss responded in the comments, Sahil did not mince his words.

“There is nothing in you as a real man or a real warrior, you embarrassed all this sport and yourself as martial arts with shitty behavior. (OKTAGON MMA) should band you for this stupid behaviour,” Sahil Siraj wrote. “And you have to be a shame of what you did for life, And don’t call me fucking brother you piece of shit, And I will get you one day because you make this shit soo fucking personal, But even if you running from me, you know the call something (Karma) someone else will get you, And You are sooo lucky that I didn’t remember your shitty Behavior after the fight I don’t know what will happen to you, You showed your true colour to everyone around the world that what a piece of shit person you are.”

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