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Swedish bare-knuckle champ Gustaf Cedermalm to compete in Ukraine’s toughest promotion



Gustaf Cedermalm KLAN FC

Gustaf Cedermalm will fight at KLAN FC next. Photo via Maximum Sports and KLAN FC

Swedish bare knuckle-champion Gustaf Cedermalm will go to Ukraine for his next bout in KLAN FC. The promotion is known for their brutal bare-knuckle fights.

In an exclusive interview with Frontkick’s sister site Maximum Sports, the Swede shared his thoughts about going to a warzone to compete.

“It might not be the smartest thing to go to a place where there is a war going on, but there’s a lot of stupid things you do anyways,” Cederholm said. “The last couple of weeks I’ve been focusing on training, so when they offered me a fight I accepted. I’m not thinking so much about the situation over there, I just want to fight.”

“I believe that everything has a meaning. If it’s meant that I will end up in trouble I will, it doesn’t matter if it’s in a warzone or not.”

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Gustaf Cedermalm: “I will go head first and knock him out”

Cedermalm is currently based in Cambodia but have previously fought in King of the Streets (KOTS) and Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC). He’s also the former WBFB (World Bare Fist Boxing) welterweight champion.

In Ukraine, he will take on local fighter Yurii Matveev in a weight class above his usual.

“With more muscles I will punch harder, so I’m positive that I will knock him out. The fans can expect that I will go head first and knock him out.”

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