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Swedish Muay Thai fighter Johanna Persson talks WMC title bout: “I’m definitely the underdog”



Johanna Persson Muay Thai 1

Johanna Persson. Photo: Andres Viracca

Swedish Muay Thai fighter Johanna Persson is about to enter the ring for the biggest fight of her career as she takes on Tessa Kakkonen for the prestigious WMC Nordic title (-48,9kg).

In an exclusive interview with Frontkick, the Swedish striker opens up about title fights, future and being an underdog.

“This is the biggest fight of my career so far. I’ve competed in the World Championships, European Championships and Swedish Championships, but this is the biggest since it’s the WMC belt on the line. I’m so happy to get the opportunity,” Persson says.

The fight is five three-minute rounds under professional rules against a seasoned pro fighter. Persson will move down a few pounds in weight but feel like she’s well prepared for the tough challenge at Kakkonen’s hometurf.

“Tessa is a veteran with a lot of fights under her belt. She likes to fight, just like me, she has been very active for a long time, fighting regularly. She’s a good boxer too,” Persson says and continues:

“She won the World Championships so I’m definitely the underdog. But I like that, that suits me just fine. As long as I believe in myself then I know I can defeat her. The one who implements her game will win this fight.”

Johanna Persson Muay Thai 2

Photo: Andres Viracca

Johanna Persson will move to Thailand

After the WMC Nordic title, Persson has a few weeks to bounce back for the Swedish Muay Thai Championships that take place in Stockholm in September.

“I like to be active, I fought in June and I will compete in the Swedish Championships. Every time I fight I know where I am and how to move on with my training. I want to fight a lot, like seven times a year,” Persson claims.

Johanna Persson is one of the best Muay Thai fighters in Sweden right now. After the summer she will take time off from her work as a teacher to go to Thailand to develop even more as a fighter.

“I will stay there for a couple of months and just train and compete to sharpen my tools,” Persson says.

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