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Harila talks FCR homecoming barn-burner: “The guy was so tough!”



Tobias Harila FCR 20 MMA1

Tobias Harila. Photo via Käftsmällspodden

Tobias Harila’s highly anticipated homecoming turned out to be one hell of a fight.

The Swedish Cage Warriors veteran stood toe to toe with Levan Kirtadze for 15 minutes, trading shot for shot and kick for kick.

Round one was up for grabs while the Swede clearly won round two, as he was inches away from a finish. Kirtadze came back strong in the third and won the last round. After the final bell, Harila eventually stood as the winner via majority decision, with 28-28, 29-28 and 29-28 on the scorecards.

“That was a hard and very good experience,” Harila wrote on social media. “Everything I went through before and during the fight I welcome it. Just something to have in the bag that shapes you. I embrace it. The guy was so tough that sometimes you get surprised even tho you were prepared for it, you still like ‘damn’.”

“But I believe I was as tough as him tho. I’m super happy with the win but I want to finish in those situations, I feel like with a little more in the tank I would have finished him and I wouldn’t had to take all that beating in the third round.”

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Tobias Harila is still uncertain about the future

Before the fight at FCR 20, Harila hinted that the bout was potentially going to be his last ever. The entertaining featherweight is still uncertain about his future as a fighter as he gave no further update on social media.

“Let’s see what is next, I have no idea. Going to sleep for a week at least,” Harila wrote.

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