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Rising PFL star Cedric Doumbe claims UFC ‘f*cked up’: “I’m better here!”



Cedric Doumbe MMA

PFL fighter Cedric Doumbe. Photo via Instagram (@pfleurope)

After his insane nine-second knockout in the PFL Europe debut, the former GLORY welterweight champion Cedric Doumbe is one of the hottest MMA prospect in Europe right now.

On Marcy 7, he will return to the cage to face undefeated prospect Baissangour Chamsoudinov in the main event of another PFL Europe card in Paris. A event that sold 20.000 in 20 minutes.

The French star is confident that the hyped fight will end in the same way as his debut.

“So now they think he’s the guy, but I will show the same first-round knockout – and they will find another guy who is supposed to be the guy, that guy. And it’s the same shit, different day,” Doumbe recently said about Chamsoudinov at the MMA Hour.

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Cedric Doumbe is happy he’s not in the UFC

The decorated kickboxer Cedric Doumbe was originally planning to ink a deal with the UFC back in 2022, however, due to a medical issue he was released from his contract. In hindsight he claimed he made the right move by signing with PFL.

“That makes me smile because they (UFC) fucked up,” Doumbe said. “They fucked up. But I didn’t lose anything. They lost. So it is what it is, you know? Everything happens for a reason.”

“I’m just doing my thing. I know I would do the same — maybe even better, maybe less — in UFC, but I’m just doing my thing.”

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