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Dana White’s hot take: “You want viewers? Put MMA in the Olympics!”



MMA in the Olympics

MMA in the Olympics. Photo via USA Today Sports

Over the past three decades, MMA has grown from a niche sport to a mainstream phenomenon. The sport continues to evolve, and is hitting new markets every year.

Is it finally time for MMA to become an Olympic sport?

Yes, if you ask UFC CEO Dana White, who commented on the subject during a fan Q&A.

”I think it should be an Olympic sport already. It’s not my job. It’s not what I’m looking to do. I’m not pushing to turn this thing into an Olympic sport. I agree with whoever said that, yes. And not to mention the fact that one of the big problems the Olympics is having right now, is viewership. You want viewers? Put MMA in the Olympics,” White said.

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MMA in the Olympics

The Olympic Games include several combat sports, including original Olympic sports boxing and wrestling, but MMA isn’t yet one of them.

Muay Thai recently took another step of becoming an olympic sport as a Muay Thai demonstration competition will be held during the Summer Olympic Games 2024 in Paris. The competition will be a side program to the Olympics, with over 1000 fighters from 24 countries participating. There will also be ‘wai kru’ in the opening ceremony by two-time K-1 World MAX champion Buakaw Banchamek.

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