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Exclusive interview: Alexandra Andersröd expects a violent OKTAGON debut: “I just love blood!”



Alexandra Andersröd OKTAGON 1

Alexandra Andersröd. Photo: Cathrine Teczely

Swedish Muay Thai fighter Alexandra Andersröd is really on fire at the moment.

On Saturday, she will take on Lucia Szabova in a special Muay Thai fight in European MMA organization OKTAGON MMA. In an exclusive interview with Frontkick, the Swedish striker opens up on the massive fight in Slovakia.

“When they announced the fight I started to cry, it’s so huge to get out in the world and fight for a major organization. That’s a dream when you start to fight,” Andersröd says.

Due to her Muay Thai background, she admits she did not know that much about the European MMA promotion before the offer.

“When I finally understood how big it is I was like ‘whoa, this is so exciting. To be honest, it’s not that fun fighting in a gym hall anymore. That’s not what you dream of when you start fighting, you want to be in the spotlight. When I was a kid I wanted to be a rockstar, I always liked the attention,” Andersröd says with a laugh.

“Show them what I’m made of”

Alexandra was getting ready for a kickboxing tournament with the Swedish National Team when she was offered the massive fight at OKTAGON 47.

“I’ve been thinking about going full time pro and this is a natural step to get away from amatur fighting where it’s so much focus on scoring points,” Andersröd explains.

In fact, she has been rather unhappy to compete as an amateur with chin guards and thick gloves.

“If you lose a fight you want to feel that you are hurt, that your opponent deserves to win. What I like about pro fighting is that you need a plan for every move during the fight. I hope to put on a show so they want me back, that’s my goal. Showing them what I’m made of to get a contract for more fights.”

Alexandra Andersröd OKTAGON

Photo: Andres Viracca

Alexandra Andersröd is looking for blood

Alexandra has a desire to fight the best in the sport, and Lucia Szabova is definitely as tough as they come. With a flawless 6-0 pro MMA record and a professional kickboxing record of 1-0, the Slovakian fighter will be a hard test for the Swedish striker.

“I know she kicks hard and finishes most of her opponents. I expect her to be tough, but I kick just as hard as her. I always want to test myself against the best, otherwise there’s no point fighting,” Andersröd laughs. “I couldn’t say no to this fight, even though it’s on short notice and I never fought MMA gloves.”

So how do you feel about fighting with MMA gloves? 

“It feels great to be able to do a lot of damage, but it goes both ways. I just love blood, it excites me, it’s so fun with bloody fights. Pain gets me motivated, then you know it’s a real fight. I hope it will be bloody, and that she will bleed the most.”

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