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Freddy Castro Gonzalez shoots down ‘wanker’ Linus Bylander: “Not a real champ!”



Swedish Muay Thai standout Freddy Castro Gonzalez will headline the upcoming MTFL 7.0 on Sunday. Just as usual, he brings a lot of hype and entertainment to the show.

Originally scheduled to face Linus Bylander, “Kreuger” doesn’t mince his words talking about the title holder.

“I was supposed to meet this wanker,” Gonzalez says. “Look, here’s the deal. I like big fights. I like to show everyone that I’m the best in Sweden. Right now, someone has the belt, who claims that he’s the best. But you have to prove it! We have to do it, we have to fight to see who’s best in Sweden.”


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Freddy Castro Gonzalez wants to run it back

The pairing faced each other as amateurs and now Freddy wants to run it back.

“Of course I wanted to face him. Pro fight, five rounds,” he says. “I’m waiting for him, I don’t know what more to say. He had his chance and he showed that he’s not up for it. I love to fight for the people, and this is what people want. But he doesn’t want to fight. For me that’s chicken shit, you know.”

“He’s not a real fighter or a real champ in my opinion. What he thinks I couldn’t give a shit about. The only thing I know is that I want to beat the shit out of him.”

On Sunday, Freddy returns to action for his first fight on Swedish soil in quite some time, as he takes on Nasim Kazem in a rematch at MTFL.

“It’s the same feeling ahead of every fight, the big difference here is that I’m going home to Stockholm to do it. And it will be another thing. I wouldn’t say that it is pressure, but think differently when all my friends, supporters and family will be there. It will be awesome. I’m even more hyped.”

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