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Heartbroken Frankie Edgar adresses brutal KO loss: “It sucks my kids got to deal with it”



Frankie Edgar 1 UFC Frontkick Online

Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar

Last Saturday, MMA legend Frankie Edgar fought his last fight in the octagon on UFC 281 at the Madison Square Garden.

However, things didn’t end as planned for the former lightweight champion as he got finished by Chris Gutiérrez in the first round.

On his podcast Champ and the Tramp, Edgar recently commented on the loss.

“No way that’s how I wanted to go. But that’s the way it goes,” Edgar said. “It fucking sucks but how can I complain to be honest. People were cheering my name the whole time, before, during, after. I know I work hard to get where I got. Like fucking hard, very hard. I sacrificed a lot my whole life. I put my all into my athletic career since day one but who the fuck am I to complain?”

“There’s people out there that work hard and they just make it by. I know both sides of that. I’m just trying to be grateful for what I accomplished. Grateful for the ride I had.”

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Frankie Edgar “Didn’t want my kids to see me go out that way”

Even if Edgar himself can handle the career-last loss, he is saddened that his family have to deal with the consequences as well.

“I didn’t want my kids to see me go out that way,” Edgar said. “My family there, all that stuff. Cause they’ve got to go deal with it, too. My kids are old enough now where kids are scumbags. I’m not going to say where, who or which kid but one of my kids does something in their group and one of the group kids starts talking shit, saying this and that. Either that kid’s being a young scumbag kid or his parents don’t teach him no fucking manners. Whatever, they’re kids in the end but it sucks my kids got to deal with it.”

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