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Bo Nickal’s upcoming opponent extremely confident: “I’m the better fighter”



Bo Nickal Jamie Pickett UFC Frontkick

Bo Nickal. Photo via Instagram (@nobickal1)

Jamie Picket will face the hyped and undefeated UFC newcomer Bo Nickal at UFC 282 in December.

In a recent interview with MMA News, “The Nightwolf” let everyone know that has all intentions to be the first to stop the hyped Nickal in his tracks, and doesn’t in any way see himself as “a sacrificial lamb” going into the fight.

“I try not to say cocky stuff, but I have a very good chance of winning this fight,” Pickett said (transcription by MMA News). “He could win for sure, he definitely could win, and I definitely could win, but I think I’m going to win this fight.”

Pickett seemed confident that his skills and the feet and on the ground, and much greater MMA experience, will be a big factor in the fight.

“I’m the better fighter, I can wrestle too,” Pickett told MMA News. “My cardio’s always there, I think when this fight starts going a lot of people are going to go like ‘whoa, this fight isn’t going the way we thought it was going to go.’”

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Undefeated newcomer Bo Nickal is a high risk fight

Pickett rides a two-fight losing skid and is 2-4 in the UFC. A win against a high profile up-and-comer like Nickal is of course a chance to get on everybody’s radar.

“Very high risk, very high reward, and that’s why I took the fight,” Pickett said. “I never seen him fight, all I know that he’s a wrestler and throws hands too.”

“I don’t know the kid, he seems like a nice guy, I don’t have any disrespect towards him, but I’m the better fighter, I am.”

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