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MMA star provides update on possible UFC signing: “There’s still a few hurdles”



Venom Page MMA

Michael Page. Photo via instagram (@michaelvenompage)

Free agent and MMA star Michael Page has still not signed with the UFC, even though both parts seem interested.

Visiting The MMA Fan Show, the entertaining striking specialist gave the latest update on the situation.

“I wish I could say for certain that we have (signed), but we haven’t,” Page said. “Honestly speaking, we’re not there yet. There’s still a few hurdles that we need to jump over. But like I said, we flirting.”

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Michael Page have dream fights in the UFC

The Englishman was a top welterweight contender throughout his decade-long career with Bellator. Signing with the UFC, he will likely get the biggest and most entertaining challenges in his successful career.

“I think there are dream fights, and a lot of those dream fights land in the UFC. How I feel now to how I felt when I first joined MMA, the whole goal was UFC because there was no other big shows that could really do anything,” Page said. “Over time, things have changed. It’s a lot more than just the name of the brand. There’s a lot more to it, but hopefully we can still get there and see those dream fights happen.”

A while back, UFC CEO Dana White expressed interest in adding “Venom” to the stacked welterweight roster.

“He’s a kid that we’re definitely interested in,” White said when asked about potentially signing Page. “He’s interested too. Possibly.”

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