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Patricia Berghult on the biggest fight of her career: “When I turned pro she was the one I wanted to fight”



Patricia Berghult Boxing

Patricia Berghult. Photo via Instagram: (@patriciaberghult)

Undefeated boxing world champion Patricia Berghult is about to face the biggest challenge of her career. On August 13, she will defend her WBC super welterweight title against a true pioneer of women’s boxing – Cecilia “First Lady” Brækhus.

Talking to Frontkick, Berghult just finished a weeklong training camp that primarily focused on sparring. The preparations are going well and the undefeated champion seemed confident in her team and abilities.

“We believe in our strategy and boxing,” Berghult said. “It feels good but of course I’m a bit nervous too. Well, that’s just fine, then you know it’s a good fight. It will be fun to compete with one of the greatest.”

Brækhus is a giant in women’s boxing

In November 2019, the 28-year-old Swede won the interim WBC title when she defeated the tough Hannah Rankin, and two years later, she earned the vacant WBC belt with a solid performance against Olivia Belkacem.

Berghults first title defense will be against the 40-year-old Brækhus who’s considered a giant in women’s boxing.

“I don’t think she likes to get hit and deal with pressure”

As the undisputed welterweight champion from 2014 to 2020, the Norwegian was the first woman in any weight class to simultaneously hold the WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO titles. Brækhus also defeated two of the best boxers ever coming out of Sweden – Klara Svensson and Mikaela Lauren.

”When I turned pro she was the one I wanted to fight, but at the same time I looked up to her. She paved the way for all female fighters,” Berghult said. “Now I have to put everything aside. During the fight it’s just the two of us in the ring. Of course she has a lot of experience, but I’ve been doing this since I was ten years old, so I’ve got experience myself.”

Patricia is a tall and technical boxer with good reach, known for her fast footwork and ability to control the distance. Her fifteen-fight win streak tells the tale of a fighter that can beat the absolute best and step up when it matters the most.

“Two technical fighters that actually know how to box”

Looking at Brækhus, the Swedish champion sees a technical and explosive opponent with few flaws in her game.

”She doesn’t seem to have many weaknesses, considering that very few ever defeated her. But I don’t think she likes to get hit and deal with pressure,” Berghult said. ”She’s among the best even though she lost her titles. It will be a good fight for sure, with two technical fighters that actually know how to box.”

The super welterweight title bout will take place at Estadio Pascual Guerrero in Cali, Colombia. The city of Cali rests approximately 1,000 metres above sea level, and by the end of July, Berghult and her team will fly to Colombia to get used to the climate and timezone.

A month ahead of the fight, she already has the weight on point and can focus on tactics and training instead of being nervous about losing weight.

“The cardio is as good as it gets. The preparations will be done and we’re aware of the climate, so there will be no surprises,” Berghult said.

Patricia Berghult Boxing

Patricia Berghult wants one more bout this year

Sweden has very few professional female boxers, but internationally, women’s boxing is growing bigger and bigger. Earlier this year, world champions Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano became historic as the first women to headline Madison Square Garden in New York City. The bout was described as the biggest women’s fight of all time and became a huge financial success.

“In September we will have a massive fight between Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall,” Berghult said. “If we get more of these kinds of fights it will be even bigger. Women’s boxing is growing and that’s good.”

In 2015, Patricia decided to take her boxing to a new level and start competing professionally. Her goal was to become a world champion, and now, seven years later, she will defend her WBC title for the first time. Even though she has full focus on Cecilia Brækhus, the undefeated Swede revealed that she’s looking to fight one more time during 2022.

”One fight at the time, that’s how we always reasoned. But hopefully I’ll get one more fight this year,” Berghult said.

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