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Sadibou Sy is ready to win his second PFL title and bag another $1 million: “I will always look for a finish”



Sadibou Sy 2023 MMA (1)

Sadibou Sy. Photo via Instagram (@sadibousy)

On November 24, Swedish PFL star Sadibou Sy will enter the cage for his second straight welterweight final. Just like last year, the PFL welterweight strap and $1 million cash prize are on the line for the Swede.

In an exclusive interview with, the 36-year-old martial artist opens up on the massive fight.

“Honestly, there’s no more pressure this time. I’m just so stoked and worked so hard, and I know it’s not due to luck that I’m here fighting for the belt,” Sy says. “If there is pressure it comes from me, I’m my own biggest critic. I’m training in a way that I will be proud of myself whatever the outcome may be.”

At the 2022 PFL Tournament, Sadi bagged a hefty sum when he defeated Carlos Leal in the finals at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. If he gets his hand raised once again he will win more money and glory than most Swedish fighters could ever dream of.

“What motivates me is not the money but to win this fight and make sure to develop more as a fighter. I didn’t start fighting because of prize money. I want to push myself and make history, do things no one else has done before. And with the success in the cage you get prize money and sponsorship money. That’s the level I’m fighting on.”

“Like I said, it’s not due to luck that I’m here, there is a lot of hard work behind this and I’m worth it. But of course the money makes a difference, it’s a big sum.”

Sadibou Sy PFL 2023

Photo via Instagram (PFL)

Faces former PFL tournament winner

The Swede’s final opponent for the season is Magomed Magomedkerimov, who won the first PFL Tournament back in 2018, and is just as seasoned of a veteran as Sy is.

“Magomed is a good fighter who will always perform well. He’s one of those fighters that never gives up, you really have to go in there and fight to win. He will perform whatever pressure is on him, he’s just way too experienced.”

“He’s pretty well rounded, but can always fall back on his wrestling when things get tough. Since he’s so experienced he fights smart and at his own pace, so I will focus a lot on getting him to fight outside of his rhythm.”

It’s common knowledge that the Swede is a world class striker with a dangerous ability to knock out anyone with both his hands and feet, but over the last couple of years Sadibou has developed his ground game to become one of the most complete fighters in the division.

“I want to fight from the outside, that’s no secret, but I’ve been putting in an extreme amount of work on the ground and that has paid off. When I’m comfortable on the ground I can use my striking techniques even better.”

“I don’t see the fight going more than two or three rounds”

After interviewing Sy a couple of times over the years, it’s still striking how calm and confident he is in his approach to fighting. It’s obvious that he’s in a good place both mentally and physically at this point of his long fight career.

During the 2023 season, he stopped two of his opponents in spectacular fashion, including the insane spinning wheel kick against Shane Mitchell, that could very well become the PFL knockout of the year.

The finals in New York are scheduled for five rounds, and even though the 36-year-old is prepared both physically and mentally for 25 minutes he’s quite sure the fight will be way shorter than that.

“I don’t see the fight going more than two or three rounds, that’s my gut feeling. I will always look for a finish without compromising with getting the win. At this point I will not put myself in a position where I take unnecessary risks.”

Focused on the massive challenge of becoming a two-time PFL champ, Sadibou Sy’s mind is already set fighting in the next season.

“I’ve got many years left before I’m done. Whatever happens in the finals I will definitely fight in the 2024 season too!”

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