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Former UFC fighter ‘Sexyama’ reveals toughest challenge in Netflix show Physical: 100



Yoshihiro Akiyama Sexyama Physical 100 1 Frontkick online

Yoshihiro Akiyama, also known as Sexyama, is a former UFC fighter. Photo via ONE and YouTube (Netflix)

In the Netflix series Physical: 100, the viewers followed 100 athletes with impressive physical capabilities to test their strengths against each other to win the prize that comes with being the last one standing.

Decorated Judoka and former UFC fighter Yoshihiro Akiyama, also known as “Sexyama”, was one of the contestors in the popular show.

“I was very honored because Netflix is so big, and I was very happy. When I heard about it, I got a bit confused because all of the competitors are very young and I’m not that young anymore,” Akiyama recently said.

Participating in the Physical: 100 experience has been an unforgettable experience for the 47-year-old fighter.

“Judo was very tough and MMA currently I’m doing, it’s very tough, too, and of course, Physical 100 is very tough as well. But I enjoyed Physical: 100 the most.”

“The toughest one was moving the ship with everyone. It was much heavier than I expected.”

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Clashed with UFC royalty

Currently competing in ONE, he last fought on March 26 last year, defeating Shinya Aoki via a second-round TKO.

“This year, I think an MMA fight is gonna happen. I think it’s gonna happen, I just don’t know the exact time,” Akiyama said.

Akiyama signed with the UFC back in 2009 and fought the likes of Chris Leben, Michael Bisping, Vitor Belfort, and Jake Shields, before leaving the UFC promotional record of 2-5.

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Watch Sexyama in action

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