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VIDEO: Referee possibly facing lifetime ban after this incident!



MMA Referee lifetime ban

An American local MMA referee can face a lifetime ban following a heated incident in the cage.

At the recent Real Deal Championship 10 main event between Robert Gidron and Chauncey Foxworth, referee Jon Munz ended up shoving one of the fighters in the cage.

The actions were caught on camera and he could now have his license fully revoked as a result. The initial video clip was posted on Facebook.

The altercation started when Gidron grabbed the cage to prevent himself from being taken down by his opponent, which of course is illegal in MMA. Referee Munz stepped in and stopped the bout by charging the cheating fighter with his forearm.

In response, Munz was pushed away by the angry Gidron. Emotions ran high as Munz began shouting and shoving the fighter backwards before the cage was filled with people breaking up the action.

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Fighter reacts to the action of the MMA referee

Robert Gidron later talked to MMA Junkie about the strange incident.

“I didn’t mean to grab the cage,” Gidron said. “You can see in the video: When I went to grab the cage, as soon as I grabbed the cage and stood up, as he’s running toward me, I’m throwing my hands up. That tells you I already did wrong. I messed up. Most refs when they grab you, they say, ‘Stop, stop, stop.’”

“What I did, I’m not saying I was wrong, and I’m not saying I was right, but I pushed him off me.”

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