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Christopher Bajo will “cash checks and break necks” with Viracci Sports Management



Christopher Bajo Viracci Sports Management MMA

Christopher Bajo signs with Viracci Sports Management. Photo: Patrik Persson

Viracci Sports Management has added another very interesting fighter on the roster in Malmö’s own striking specialist Christopher Bajo. Known for his fun and violent fights in both the cage and the Muay Thai ring, Bajo is definitely one of the most entertaining fighters in Scandinavia at the moment.

In an interview with Frontkick’s sister site Maximum Sports, the striking specialist reveals why he inked a deal with the brand new combat sports management.

“It felt right, and we’ve worked together before. I was pretty surprised they didn’t start VSM earlier, but now we are looking at what’s ahead,” Bajo says. “2023 was a great year for me, I learned a lot as a fighter.”

During the year, the Malmö fighter defeated tough opponents like Sixten Larsson at Muay Thai For Life and Finnish MMA fighter Toni Lampinen at Fight Club Rush. Bajo believes that the new management will help him get a title in the years to come.

“Cashing checks and breaking necks! All jokes aside, I see us taking over slowly but steadily,” he says when asked about the future. “I will have at least one belt around my waist, preferably all of them.”

The vision of Viracci Sports Management

Viracci Sports Management will provide matchmaking, media coverage, sponsorship deals, juridical support and help with sports psychology for their fighters.

Besides Christopher Bajo, MMA prospects like Enes Kollari and Anton Ringvall has also joined the roster.

“I know what fighters need. This is something I’ve actually been doing the last few years without putting a label on it. Now I’m ready to go all the way,” Viracca recently told Frontkick.

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