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Sakhi “Machete” Qambari gets it done in the first – Wins the featherweight title!




Sakhi ”Machete” Qambari took on Hama Dara at AFN 4. Photo Chris Sonnerby

One of the most highly anticipated fights at AFN 4 – the featherweight title bout between Sakhi ”Machete” Qambari and Hama Dara – just took place in Stockholm.

After a measured start, the two featherweights started to trade kicks and punches at a high pace. Dara was working against the side of the cage and tried to take the back of his opponent.

However, “Machete” got up and landed some heavy strikes on his grounded opponent before finding the submission that ended the fight.

AFN has a new featherweight champion!


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“Machete” was full of confidence

Ahead of the fight, “Machete” was all confidence and predicted to end the fight in the first round.

“It feels like a normal fight, nothing special, I’m ready for everyone,” Qambari said at the pre-fight press conference. “He’s shit, I will knock him out.”

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