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Rafał Marczuk prepares for tough AFN 7 title bout: ”I’m going to Sweden for the belt”



AFN 7 Rafal Marczuk vs Sakhi Qambari (1)
Photo: (Instagram) + Andres Viracca

The anticipation is building for Allstars Fight Night 7, set to take place in Solna, Sweden, on June 29th, where several electrifying title bouts are scheduled.

On the main card, Sakhi “Machete” Qambari will be defending his featherweight belt against Polish challenger Rafał Marczuk. Both fighters share an identical professional record, and their tendency to finish opponents early adds to the excitement of this matchup.

In an exclusive interview with Frontkick, Marczuk shared insights into his martial arts journey, preparation, and aspirations as he gears up for this career-defining fight. This will be the first time he visits Sweden and the first time he fights outside Poland.

“My adventure with martial arts began 7-8 years ago. I started with boxing, after a few years I added kickboxing, and for 3 years I have only been training MMA,” Rafał Marczuk told Frontkick. “This will be my first fight outside my country, Poland. I think I know the basics about Sweden, i.e., what is the capital and currency. I also heard that you have a nice country, so I’d like to visit some places if I find some time. As a player and a person, I will always represent my country outside Poland with dignity and respect.”

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AFN 7: Sakhi “Machete” Qambari vs Rafał Marczuk

While he is excited about visiting Sweden, his focus remains firmly on the upcoming title bout. Alongside his MMA aspirations, the Anaconda Team representative also has a day job.

“If I find time, I train twice a day. I also work a regular job to support myself, so sometimes it’s hard to reconcile it all. I’m going to Sweden for the belt. I think that winning will open up many interesting opportunities for me in terms of sports.”

Interestingly, Marczuk’s journey to the title bout began while he was scrolling social media.

“While browsing Instagram, I accidentally found AFN’s profile. I wrote to them and asked if they were looking for a player for the gala,” he revealed.

This bold move has led to the opportunity of a lifetime, and with both fighters determined to make their mark, AFN 7 promises to be an action-packed event. Whether it’s Qambari’s aggressive style or Marczuk’s calculated approach, fans are in for a thrilling showdown on June 29th.