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New Swedish combat sports event Allstars Fight Night: “We want to take MMA to the next level”




Allstars Fight Night MMA 1

Rafael Kveldstad will fight at Allstars Fight Night. Photo via Allstars and Jonathon Michaels

On July 1, Allstars Training Center will hold their first event Allstars Fight Night. The event will have MMA, Muay Thai and grappling bouts – both professional and amateur – in the ring and in the cage.

Talking to Frontkick’s sister site Maximum Sports, promoter Mohammed Babadivand comments on the concept and the upcoming event.

“It won’t be Allstars against the rest of Sweden, we want to have fighters from all the Nordic countries to face each other,” Babadivand said.

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Allstars Fight Night will be back in August

Allstars plans to host several events in 2023. After the debut event on July 1, the gym will have events on August 26 and September 30.

“It will be different to the rest of the Swedish promotions, we want to take MMA to the next level,” Babadivand said.

Fighters like Najib Adams, Millie Eriksson and Rafael Kveldstad are set to compete at the first Allstars Fight Night.

Patrik Hjulström from Örebro Fight Gym will be the matchmaker for the events.

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