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Combat sports profile Andres Viracca: “I’m ready to lift up the Swedish Boxing Championships!”



Andres Viracca VSM

Entrepreneur, podcaster and combat sports manager – Andres Viracca is a man of many talents and a powerhouse in the making in the Swedish fight sports scene.

Besides running Käftsmällspodden and Viracci Sports Management, which features some of the region’s most talented fighters, Viracci also produces high quality streams for combat sports events like the boxing show Bajen Open House and the recent Swedish Muay Thai Championships that took place in Uppsala this past weekend.

“I’m so proud and happy to be the production manager and to have done this together with Uppsala Kampsport,” Viracca tells Frontkick after a hectic but successful weekend. “Now I’m ready to lift up the Swedish Boxing Championships!”

In fact, the combat sports enthusiast wants to combine both sports in a special event further down the line.

“I have a vision of doing a mixed card with both boxing and Muay Thai. I think it would be a lift for athletes for both sports. You can learn much from each other and enjoy the two beautiful disciplines.”

Vidar Redmon Muay Thai 1

Andres Viracca and Käftsmällspodden videographer Vidar Redmon. Photo Chris Önnerby

Andres Viracca: “A tight and skilled team”

This past November he launched Viracci Sports Management which represents athletes from different combat sports like MMA, boxing and Muay Thai. Just four months later he had a roster that included names like Freddy Castro Gonzalez, Christopher Bajo and Hanna Palmquist.

In 2024 Andres Viracca intends to do what he can to take Swedish combat sports to the next level, whether it comes to managing or broadcasting fight events.

“I’ve been around for a while and it’s been a very educational, fruitful and fun time of my life. I’ve built a big professional network which made it possible to create a tight and skilled team to work with. I think a lot of people feel that I’m here to create something new.”

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