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Christopher Bajo violently finishes Toni Lampinen with vicious striking



Christopher Bajo Wolf Fight Promotion 3

Christopher Bajo. Photo: Stefan Romare/

Welterweight’s Toni Lampinen and Christopher Bajo just clashed in the main event at FCR 17.

The Nordic derby started with solid striking from both fighters and the loud Uppsala crowd and the Finnish supporters were on their toes from the first strike. Lampinen threw hard body shots while Muay Thai specialist Bajo landed good kicks and knees.

After separating from the clinch, Bajo floored the tough Finnish fighter with a clean elbow, but Lampinen survived and took the fight to the ground where he controlled the rest of the round.

In the second round Bajo poured it on with vicious elbows and knees from the start until the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

“Did I deliver?” Bajo asked the crowd in the post-fight interview

After the win, Bajo called out welterweight Andreas “Bane” Gustafsson, who went into the cage and faced off with the Malmö fighter.

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Christopher Bajo will fight at MTFL next

Swedish striker Christopher Bajo will now move on to compete in Muay Thai at the hyped MTFL event on October 28.

Lampinen went into the fight against Bajo coming from a total war against Andreas “Bane” Gustafsson at FCR 16 a few months back.

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