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Swedish world champ Dalian Dawody: “I just wanna hurt people and make money”



Dalian Dawody Muay Thai 1

Dalian Dawody. Photo: Chris Önnerby

Swedish IMAF Muay Thai world champion Dalian Dawody has two big fights coming up this spring.

On March 31 he will face Swedish star Jonathan Larsson in a highly anticipated Muay Thai fight. The clash will take place at the MTFL 7.0 in Stockholm and has the potential to be one for the books.

Just six weeks later he will go to France to take on French fighter Ibrahim Fettar for the WKN Championship Kickboxing super welterweight title.

“Right now I’m only focusing on the fight on MTFL,” Dawody tells Frontkick in an exclusive interview. “That’s the only thing that exists in my head. I live for one fight at the time. The fight in France doesn’t even exist in my head right now.”

Dalian Dawody 2 Muay Thai

Photo: Chris Önnerby

Dalian Dawody is in it for the damage

Dalian Dawody already won the WKN Championship’s Muay Thai title in October last year and looks to make history as a two sport champion with a win against Fettar. Switching from Muay Thai to Kickboxing will be a challenge for the decorated champion.

“I use the clinch and elbows a lot when I’m fighting, so I will lose these two weapons. That affects me of course,” Dawody says.

What would it mean to be a two-sport champion?

“The truth is that it doesn’t mean that much to me. I just wanna hurt people and make money. That’s the only thing I care about. I guess the only other thing that means something is all the hard work I’ve done in the shadows, all the blood and tears will finally be shown in the limelight.”

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