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Elwin Belezika returns to action at Bajen Open House: “It’s great to be back!”



Elwin Belezika Hammarby Boxning

Elwin Belezika. Photo via Hammarby Boxning

It’s been a good year for Swedish heavyweight prospect Elwin “Bazooka” Belezika.

After successful competitions at the European Youth Championships, World Cup – and a gold medal at the prestigious Dan Pozniak tournament – the young heavyweight is dying to get back in the ring at Bajen Open House on Saturday.

“My last fight was in April, it’s been a long break,” Belezika says in an interview with Frontkick. “It’s great to be back again, I’ve missed the feeling of competing in the ring.”

In fact, the promising Hammarby boxer has not fought in Sweden since October last year.

“It’s great to fight in an environment you feel comfortable in, at the same time as my family and friends can come watch me compete live,” Belezika says. “I get even more stoked to fight and I focus a lot better. I’m getting into my zone and feel like ‘Allright, now I’m going to show them what I’m made of’. There will be a lot of Hammarby supporters in the crowd too, and that makes the nervousness go away.”

Elwin Belezika aims for the Olympics

The 18-year-old southpaw will face Tamaz Temirov from BK Öster in the last fight on the stacked amateur boxing card.

“I don’t know anything about him to be honest. He’s from BK Öster, that’s all, but I don’t need to know more than that,” Belezika says. “It will be an honour to fight in the last bout of the card.”

Next year will be both tough and exciting for Elwin Belezika as he moves up from junior to senior. He intends to take his time to build himself up to be able to compete with the best.

“There are way higher intensity as a senior. I will fight grown men,” Belezika reasons. “On an international level it will be very tough at the start, but I will build myself up to the level I am as a junior and then go even further.”

Will you try to make it to the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics?

“I’m aiming at the 2028 games as I will only be 19 next year and probably won’t have enough experience next year. The smart thing is to make a good plan for 2028, so I can peak there.”

Elwin Belezika boxning 1

Photo via Hammarby Boxning

Käftsmällspodden streams Bajen Open House for free

Sweden’s leading fighting podcast, Käftsmällspodden will stream Saturday’s Bajen Open House for free on their YouTube channel.

Learn more about the start times and streaming here!

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