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Emilia Koivisto aims to be in ONE Championship in two years: “This is what I want to do”



Emilia Koivisto Muay Thai (1)

Emilia Koivisto turned pro a few weeks back. Photo: Chris Önnerby

Emilia Koivisto is one of the absolute hottest Muay Thai fighters in Scandinavia at the moment.

After a great amateur career, the Stockholm fighter finally turned pro at STHLM Fight Night 2 a few weeks back.

Recently visiting Sweden’s leading podcast about fighting, Käftsmällspodden, Koivisto opened up on her pro debut and busy time leading up to it, with fights in the Swedish Champsionships, Turkey and Finland.

“Three weeks before the Swedish Championships I injured my foot. It was ust before STHLM Fight Night that I could start to train properly again. I just competed, and didn’t really train,” Koivisto said.

The promising and hard-working talent faced UK’s Laura Cannon, who took the fight on short notice. The UK fighter couldn’t match the Swede, who dominated her memorable and entertaining professional debut from the start.

“It was so cool to turn pro,” Koivisto said. “This is what I want to do. Pro is just someting else. I fought a lot in IFMA to get fights and experience, but this is what I want to do.”

“IFMA is too much brawling, this is more real Muay Thai.”

Emilia Koivisto Muay Thai 2

Photo: Chris Önnerby

Emilia Koivisto aims for ONE

Representing South Side Arena, the promising professional new-comer is aiming to enter ONE Championship in a not too distant future.

“If she’s free from injuries, we will just match her with more fights,” her coach Rodde Silva said. “ONE Championship is where we are going, in two years.”

With 24 fights in the last 24 months, and a strong team behind her, Koivisto is a very busy and determined fighter. In fact, she will return to the action in less than two weeks as she’s fighting an amateur bout at a local Stockholm event against Lina Saad from Impact.

“We faced each other before, I won that fight,” Koivisto said.

Emilia Koivisto recently signed with Viracci Sport Management, along with fighters like Christopher Bajo, Amir El-Dakkak, Freddy “Krueger” Castro Gonzalez and Enes “The Doctor” Kollari.

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