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Enes Kollari is confident to get his first pro win: “He likes to fight and so do I!”



Enes Kollari WFP

Enes Kollari. Photo: Chris Önnerby

Earlier today it was announced that Gothenburg’s Enes Kollari will take on undefeated pro fighter Bryan Aspegren in a Nordic derby at Fight Club Rush 19 on February 24.

In a new interview with Sebastian Vendel-Martinez at Frontkick’s sister site Maximum Sports, Kollari talked about the upcoming fight. His oppenent comes from an impressive first-round TKO win over the dangerous Ebrima Faal a few months back.

“He likes to fight and so do I. There’s no threat in that, just possibilities,” Kollari said.

“Without saying too much I expect an explosive fight that ends with me as the winner. How I think it will end I’ll leave as a surprise this time, but the one who knows me and seen my fight before knows how it will end.”

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Enes Kollari: “The fans can expect an electric performance”

The Gothenburg fighter is excited to compete in Fight Club Rush again, Back in 2022, he defeated Rafael Kveldstad in a exciting amateur bout at FCR 13.

“The fans can expect an electric performance. I’ve done everything right this time and I’m focused on performance at my best,” Kollari said. “Last time I competed at FCR in Stockholm it was magical, and just like then it will be magic again. Don’t miss this, I promise you an unforgettable atmosphere and entertainment at the highest level.”

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