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Enes Kollari gets first pro win at Fight Club Rush 19!



Enes Kollari FCR 19

Enes Kollari defeated Abubakr Abdulhalakov at FCR 19. Photo: Chris Önnerby

Fight Club Rush 19 just delivered a middleweight pro bout between Enes Kollari and Abubakr Abdulhalakov. The fight was the last in the prelims.

The first round started with a bunch of leg kicks from “The Doctor” before the fight took to the ground. Kollari took the back of his opponent, but Abdulhalakov defended well before scrambling to his feet.

Kollari landed more leg kicks before Abdulhalakov took the fight to the ground. In the last seconds of round one, “The Doctor” poured it on with heavy ground-and-pound.

Kollari landed more legkicks in the start of the second round, before finding the rear-naked-choke that forced Abdulhalakov to tap.


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Enes Kollari: “Anyone can get it”

The fight marked the first win of Enes Kollari’s pro career. He’s now 1-1 as a professional fighter.

“It feels amazing man,” Kollari said in the post-fight interview. “I’ve just prepared myself for any opponent. Fuck it, I got a rear-naked-choke.”

Kollari was scheduled to face Bryan Aspegren, who eventually pulled out of the fight. “The Doctor” claimed he’s up for rescheduling the fight.

“Anyone can get it!”

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