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Fernando Flores lost competitive and gruelling co-main event at CAGE 55



Fernando Flores CAGE 55 MMA

Swedish veteran Fernando Flores (right) faced Markus Rytöhonka (left) in the high paced co-main event at CAGE 55. Photo. Photo Viaplay

Swedish Fernando Flores just faced Markus Rytöhonka in the gruelling and highly entertaining featherweight co-main event at CAGE 55 in Helsinki.

Early in the first round, Rytöhonka landed a flush combination that floored Flores. The Swede, who looked to be in very good shape, recovered on the ground. Rytöhonka controlled most of the round.

Flores started the second round with nice kicks and punches that hurt Rytöhonka before the fight took to the ground. Strong round for the Swede.

The fight was open when the third round started and it continued at the same furious pace. Rytöhonka was able to get the best out of the even round with his aggressive ground game.

In the end, Rytöhonka was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

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