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Freddy Castro Gonzalez signs with Viracci Sport Management and have “wicked plans” for 2024



Freddy Gonzalez Muay Thai

Freddy Castro Gonzalez. Photo via Instagram (@freddykruegeer)

Swedish pro Muay Thai fighter Freddy Castro Gonzalez is one of the hottest Swedish Muay Thai fighters in Sweden, but has relocated to Thailand in 2023, where he competed against top level opposition.

It was recently announced that “Freddy Kreuger” is the next athlete to sign with newly started Sedish combat sports management Viracci Sport Management.

“Andres Viracca and I had a close relationship from the start of my pro career. He sponsored me with Käftsmällspodden which was a big deal for me at the time because it was my first real sponsor. Those were hard times for me since I came back from a two-year suspension and most people didn’t want to work with me,” Gonzalez says in a interview with Frontkick’s sister site Maximum Sports.

The Muay Thai fighter has been looking for a manager for a long time, someone to help him with all the work that fighters do not have time to do. Now he feels like he finally found the right place to be.

“Most people are looking to use you for their own purposes and they don’t have any real relationship to their fighters. So my great relationship with Andres was the most important reason to sign with Viracci Sports. Thanks to that relationship I can ask for all the support and advice in the world without feeling bad or used.”

Freddy Castro Gonzalez has wicked plans

Freddy Castro Gonzalez is a very active fighter who competed in Thailand in the past year. He has become a popular name in the well-known Rajadamnern World Series, and he intends to keep on being busy taking fights in 2024.

“Viracci Sports will support me on my journey. I’m on at the Venum Training Camp, so that’s so super nice,” Castro Gonzalez says. “Stay tuned! We have looked over my plans for the next year and they look really wicked!”

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