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Josefine Modig interview – Turns pro with no Plan B: “It better work out”



Josefine Modig FCR 12 MMA Frontkick

Josefine Modig at Fight Club Rush 12. Photo: Stefan Romare

Swedish strawweight prospect Josefine Modig is one of the most exciting amatuer MMA fighters in Scandinavia right now.

With her slick grappling and relentless ground-and-pound, Modig has smashed her way through national and international tournaments, winning both the IMMAF World Cup and the Swedish National Championships in 2021.

However, on December 10, it’s finally time to make the long-awaited pro debut in her hometown of Kalmar. In an exclusive interview with Frontkick, the cheerful 25-year-old opens up on the upcoming bout at Wolf Fight Promotion 5.

“I’m done being an amateur, and I’m bloody done with three minute rounds. It just feels like you just go in there, touch gloves, throw a jab and a cross – and then the round is over. You get no time to find your distance and read your opponent’s game. The round is basically over before it starts. I want to put pressure on my opponent, and in five-minute rounds I get more time to work,” Modig says.

What will be the biggest change for your game when you turn pro?

“I really look forward to fighting without shin guards and big gloves. I’m a grappler who loves ground-and-pound, so when I drop the shinguards and big gloves, I can use my grappling more.”

Josefine Modig FCR 12 MMA Frontkick

Josefine Modig. Photo: Stefan Romare – Frontkick

“I feel really fucking comfortable with this matchup”

Modig was originally scheduled to make her pro debut at Fight Club Rush’s Stockholm event in August, but eventually, the fight fell through since she broke her nose.

Now, she’s looking forward to facing a new opponent, who’s not yet officially announced, in front of her hometown crowd in Kalmar.

“I’ve watched her fight, and to be honest, I feel really fucking comfortable with this matchup. But who knows, she might be a monster when I face her. I better not be talking too much,” Modig says with a laugh.

Josefine Modig has no plan B

Talking to Frontkick, the decorated grappler just finished training in Norway, before taking a flight back to Sweden for tomorrow’s BJJ competition Nordic Open. The competition in Stockholm will be her last before turning all her focus on the professional MMA debut.

One thing is certain whether it comes to BJJ or MMA – the 25-year-old loves life as a fighter.

”I don’t have a specific goal, like getting to the UFC or something, my goal is to be as good as I can. I’m a hard worker and I just want to train and compete. Whatever comes with that – the wins or signing with a major promotion – that will just happen if you’re good enough.”

”I don’t have a Plan B, so this better work out,” Modig laughs.

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