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Josefine Modig will face Ariadna Duran in long awaited pro debut!



Josefine Modig FCR 12 MMA Frontkick

Josefine Modig. Photo: Stefan Romare – Frontkick

Swedish strawweight prospect Josefine Modig will make her highly anticipated pro debut at Wolf Fight Promotion 5. Her opponent will be Ecuadorian Ariadna Duran (0-1).

In a recent interview with Frontkick, the Swede commented on Duran.

“I’ve watched her fight, and to be honest, I feel really fucking comfortable with this matchup. But who knows, she might be a monster when I face her. I better not be talking too much,” Modig said.

“I really look forward to fighting without shin guards and big gloves. I’m a grappler who loves ground-and-pound, so when I drop the shinguards and big gloves, I can use my grappling more.”

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Wolf Fight Promotion 5 – Updated fight card

WFP 5 takes place at Akea Arena – Kalmar Sportcenter, in Kalmar on December 10. The MMA event will be historic as the first-ever in the city.

You can find tickets to the event here!

  • Super lightweight (Pro) : Tobias Wallberg vs Tobias Söderberg
  • Middleweight (Pro): Daniel Bergström vs Addis Saljevic
  • Strawweight (Pro): Josefine Modig vs. Ariadna Duran
  • Middlweight (Amateur A-klass): Deldar Qaso vs. Fabian Misk
  • Heavyweight (Pro): Ivan Dzuran vs. TBA
  • Featherweight (Amateur A-klass): Mohammed Rahmani vs. TBA
  • Bantamweight (Amateur A-klass): Ellen Karlsson vs. Isra Alshairawi
  • Superlightweight (Amateur A-klass): Sebastian Fränberg vs. Shadi Fakhouri

*Bout order and number of fights can change.

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