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Levan Kirtadze calls out Tobias Harila for rematch: “I don’t need a referee!”



Levan Kirtadze MMA

Levan Kirtadze and Tobias Harila. Photo via FCR

Levan Kirtadze wants to avenge his razor-thin loss at Fight Club Rush 20 as soon as possible.

The three-round battle between him and Tobias Harila was as violent as it was even, and resulted in a majority decision in the Swede’s favor. The bout was also awarded with the 30.000 SEK Fight of the Night bonus.

Now, the Georgian is making his case for an immediate rematch at Fight Club Rush 21 in September.

“I’m sending this messege to the organization FCR and to you Tobias, “Kirtadze said on Instagram. “I want to fight you on September 7 in Stockholm, FCR 21. I don’t need a referee. I’m so hungry, so hungry!”


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Levan Kirtadze is a tough opponent for anyone

Even though Tobias Harila gave a lot of credits to Kirtadze after the fight, it could be hard for the Georgian to get a rematch, sicne the Swede is still uncertain about his future as a fighter.

“That was a hard and very good experience,” Harila said. “Everything I went through before and during the fight I welcome it. Just something to have in the bag that shapes you. I embrace it. The guy was so tough that sometimes you get surprised even tho you were prepared for it, you still like ‘damn’.”

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