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“Unfortunate circumstances” gets Liam Pitts a title fight at Allstars Fight Night 4



Liam Pitts. Photo: Chris Sonnerby

Liam Pitts will fight for the title at AFN 4 in December. Photo: Chris Sonnerby

The highly anticipated bantamweight bout between Sweden’s Liam Pitts and Finland’s Rasmus Vauhkonen will take place on December 30 at Allstars Fight Night 4.

Now, the promotion has decided to bump up the fight to be a title fight – due to a somewhat unusual reason.

“As we stated earlier Liam Pitts represented Sweden but due to unfortunate circumstances his World Championship journey ended too early. Rasmus Vauhkonen was also there representing Finland. They are fighting each other at AFN 4. But there is a little change of plans. They both did such a great job repping for their countries that we have decided to turn this into a well deserved title fight!! Don’t miss out on this,” Allstars Fight Night wrote on Instagram.


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Liam Pitts missed weight at the World Championships

Liam Pitts entered last week’s World Championship on a high note as he defeated Bulgaria’s Gancho Ivanov Tvia a second-round TKO. However, the bantamweight wasn’t able to make weight ahead of the eight-finals the day after.

According to Pitts, the IMMAF was to blame for the weight miss.

“I’m sad to announce that my World Cup journey has come to an end. It’s sad that an organization is run so unprofessionally. They shut down the sauna so that no member of Team Sweden could use it, which is a must when you cut weight. Some barely made weight but I was one of them who didn’t make weight,” Pitts wrote in an Instagram story.

Rasmus Vauhkonen made it to the junior featherweight semifinals where he lost to Odina Nazarov from Team Tajikistan.

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