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Liam Pitts interview: “It’s an honor to represent Sweden!”



Liam Pitts MMA AFN 2

Liam Pitts will represent the Swedish Natioal Team. Photo: Chrish Sonnerby

Undefeated amatuer Liam Pitts is ready to take the next step in his promising career as he will represent Sweden in the upcoming World Championships in November.

“I’m stoked about this next step and it’s an honor to represent Sweden,” Pitts said. “It’s something that I always wanted to do, so it’s really fun.”

The tournament will take place in Tirana, Albania, and depending on the outcome, the Swede, who has an American father, might face a bantamweight from the USA.

“I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it yet,” Pitts said smiling. “Representing Sweden, but I’m also half American, maybe it’s not what I would prefer to do but if it happens it happens.”

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Liam Pitts will go pro soon

The future is bright for the young and promising bantamweight, and the plan is to fight on the absolute highest level possible.

“I will go pro soon, one hundred percent, but we will see what happens after that (World Championships). Maybe pro, maybe more amateur bouts,” Pitts said.

The 20-year-old comes from his third straight win at Allstars Fight Night 2 in August, a performance that marked his first stoppage win.

“It was a pretty quick fight. Well, I could have taken my time to get more experience but it was great to get a finish,” Pitts said. “The guy I faced was huge, he was bigger than me. Just as tall as me. He’s a good striker but I knew my gameplan.

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