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Linus Jönsson is back on track: “We will have a new champion in Wolf!”



Linus Jönsson MMA 1 Wolf

Linus Jönsson. Photo: Chris Önnerby

MMA prospect Linus Jönsson took an important win this past Saturday as he defeated Deldar Qaso at Wolf Fight Promotion 9.

In an exclusive interview with Frontkick, the weltereweight talent comments on getting a submission win and proving his detractors wrong.

“My opponents face a new version of myself in every fight,” Jönsson explains. “This time, my opponent said my wrestling is bad, well, then I want to prove that I can wrestle and it worked. I guess I had the last laugh.”

“In the third round I found a submission. When he turned his back I knew he was done. I would have liked to get a TKO, it’s a shame I ran out of time when I mounted him in the second round, but when I get a hold of someone’s neck I won’t let go.”

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Linus Jönsson: “We will have a new champion in Wolf”

In this past Saturday’s fight the amateur welterweight was in a good place mentally and trusted his well-rounded skills more than ever.

“I saw everything in slow motion, it was crazy. Sometimes when you drill things in the gym, that’s all you think about when you fight, you visualize it too much. But it’s a fight, there’s so many things happening you never count with,” Jönsson says.

After the win, he called out his rival Alexander Håkansson for a rematch. The pair fought a close title bout at Wolf Fight Promotion 8 in September, a fight that ended in a razor-thin split decision to Håkansson’s favor.

“If the accepts the fight we will have a new champion in Wolf, that’s for sure, ” Jönsson claims. “Next year will be great, we have a lot going on with Viracci Sport Management. It will be a lot of fun!”

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