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Kevin Munje defeated Mehdi Abadli in the WFP 4 co-main event



Mehdi Abadli vs Kevin Munje. Wolf Fight Promotion 4 1 MMA Frontkick

Kevin Munje and Mehdi Abadli. Photo: WOLF

We just saw a catchweight co-main event (100 kilo) between Mehdi Abadli and Kevin Munje at Wolf Fight Promotion 4.

The first round was spent on the ground with Munje on top where landed some good shots.

Munje started round two with solid lowkicks. Halfway into the round, both fighters swung heavy, but the fight took to the ground. Abadli threatened with a submission attempt but Munje defended well.

By the third round, the high pace took its toll and the fight slowed down. Abadli took the fight to the mat, but Munje defended well and was able to turn the position. With two minutes left, Munje landed good shots but his opponent was able to survive.

In the end, Kevin Munje was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

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