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Najib Adams looks forward to bring World Championship gold to Sweden: “I believe in myself”



Najib Adams AFN 2

Najib Adams will represent the Swedish National Team. Photo Chris Sonnerby

As Frontkick reported yesterday, Allstars Training Center’s Najib Adams will represent the Swedish National Team in the upcoming 2023 IMMAF World Championships Tirana, Albania.

“I’m stoked! It will be fun to go abroad to fight,” Adams tells Frontkick. “I don’t see any other amateur at 93 kilos who deserves the spot more than me. Maybe there is someone out there but right now I feel it belongs to me.”

The rising star is undefeated with a record of 2-0, with a first-round KO at Fight Club Rush 15 and a unanimous decision Allstars Fight Night 2.

“We train all the time. We are here Monday to Saturday, even Sundays sometimes, two-three times a day. I’m not worried about my training, I will just continue as we do now.”

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Najib Adams aims for the gold

Debutant Najib Adams has a clear goal at the upcoming 2023 IMMAF World Championships.

“What I look forward to the most is bringing the gold back home,” Adams says. “I believe in myself and my coaches believe in me, so I will just go there and do what I do best.”

The tournament will take place at the Tirana Olympic Park venue in Tirana, Albania, between November 20 and November 25. Frontkick will provide the latest news about the Swedish National Team and the competition.

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