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Nermin Hajdarpasic talks OKTAGON draw and hints big future plans



Nermin Hajdarpasic MMA Oktagon 41 1

Nermin Hajdarpasic lands a heavy punch to the body. Photo via OKTAGON

This past Saturday, Swedish heavyweight Nermin Hajdarpasic fought one hell of a fight as he clashed with Robin Fosum in a catchweight fight at OKTAGON 41.

The bout took place in the Czech Republic, on Fosum’s home turf, and after three tough rounds the fight ended as a draw.

Just hours after leaving the cage, the Swedish heavyweight gave his thoughts on the three-round battle in an interview with Frontkick and Maximum Sports.

“It was a good fight. He was strong as hell. But as I said before, I make strikers turn to wrestlers and I will die before I tap. He was too strong. It was steroids for real. Listen, in Sweden they have doping controls, not here, fuck he was too strong,” the humoristic Hajdapasic said with a laugh.

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Nermin Hajdarpasic was an underdog

Hajdarpasic was an underdog going into the fight against the hard-hitting Czech, but was confident in his own abilities.

Fosum started strong with a takedown and threatened with a rear-naked-choke. However, the former Swedish boxing champion showed proof of his developing ground game as he eventually got to his feet, before pouring it on with heavy jabs and solid combinations.

“I saw his previous fights, you know the one when he hit the opponent with that hook. He hit me once with the hook and I was like ‘Whoa shit, he punches really hard’. That was the only time I was in danger. I was a bit rocked when he landed the hook.”

However, Nermin was clearly the one who did the most damage during the fight.

“He had more pressure, he pushed me against the cage, I thought the referee would break us up earlier, it doesn’t matter. It was his home turf, they did not put me here to win, it’s his city.”

Nermin Hajdarpasic MMA Frontkick

Photo via Oktagon MMA

Hints a new deal with OKTAGON

With the three-round battle both fighters really gave the crowd a show, and in the interview Nermin hinted that he will fight again in the major European organization.

“So, a new contract is in the making.”

However, first things first. There has been recent talks about a Swedish heavyweight superfight between Nermin Hajdarpasic and Gothenburg’s Zvonimir Kralj. When asked about the future, he fueled the speculations.

Who will you face next?


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