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Former National Team fighter Nina Back talks first pro win: “It’s the start of the journey!”



Nina Back MMA

Nina Back won her first pro fight at this past Saturday’s Battle of Botnia 8. Photo: Patrik Perhsson

This past Saturday, Swedish strawweight Nina Back returned for her second professional MMA fight at Battle of Bothnia 8.

In the first round of her fight against UK’s Indy Briar she found a rear naked choke that ended the fight. With the win, she’s 1-1 as a pro fighter.

“It feels great, it sure does,” Back told Käftsmällspoddens Kristjan Dogar.

Even though she felt like she wanted to get more out of her stand up game, she sure is happy about how the fight turned out in the end.

“Screw it, a fight is a fight.”

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Nina Back wants to be back as soon as possible

After losing her debut at Fight Club Rush 17 to fellow former National Team member Josefine Modig, Nina Back is happy to get the important first pro win.

“It means a lot, I’m at the start of my career. It’s important to get the wins, the fights and the experience at this point. It’s the start of the journey, but yeah, the wins are very important.”

Back is eager to get back in the cage to fight again soon again and start building a solid pro record.

“I’m healthy and have no injuries so latest in February but maybe even before that.”

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