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Jonatan Westin talks BJJ gold and MMA career: “I can still feel the urge to make a comeback sometimes”



Jonatan Westin BJJ MMA 3

Jonatan Westin. Photo: Jonathon Michaels

MMA veteran, BJJ fanatic and entrepreneur – Swedish fighter Jonatan Westin is a man of many talents.

After a long and fruitful MMA career, the 33-year-old Swede now focuses full-time on BJJ. When Frontkick reaches out to Westin he comes fresh from the win at the Nordic Open 2024.

“It’s always fun to win. I’ve just started with GI again after 15 years without it,” he tells Frontkick. “I was a bit rusty since the sport developed so much during the time I was away. It’s just fun to do something new.”

The fight sports veteran looks forward to continuing competing in BJJ and winning more medals ahead.

“The competition was a test to see what I need to work on to develop my game with GI. I fought kind of safe but that will change in the future.”

Jonatan Westin BJJ MMA 2

Jonatan Westin, Sadibou Sy, Rafael Kveldstad, Reza Madadi and Khamzat Chimaev. Photo via Instagram (@jontetmt)

Jonatan Westin fought his last MMA fight in 2019

The Stockholm fighter made his pro debut back in 2009 and competed 15 times in promotions like Battle of Botnia, PFL and Cage Warriors, pulling off a 11-4 record.

After winning his last fight at AK Fighting Championship 2 in 2019, Westin, just like so many others, ended up in a limbo due to the restrictions surrounding Covid-19.

“I fought my last MMA fight in 2019 then Covid came so I put more energy into my company Switch Gym,” Westin says. “I did a new training camp in 2020 but my body didn’t hold up and I kinda lost interest. 15 years as a pro took its toll on my body.”

The veteran can still get the urge to step back in the cage again, and still train with the pros and up-and-comers at Allstars Training Center in Stockholm.

“I can still feel the urge to make a comeback sometimes, the feeling of being in an invincible shape and stepping into the cage. However, I don’t miss all the work it takes, especially the diet and weight cut. I promised myself to never cut weight again. I still train with the guys at Allstars though, even if I focus on BJJ now.”

What’s your take on the Swedish MMA scene compared to when you were most active?

“The sport has changed so much from when I started in 2007. Back then, you guessed how and what you were going to train. You trained the different styles separately and competed in a ring – not a cage. Amateur MMA didn’t exist, no National Team and the sport was not accepted.”

“Today it’s a recognized sport that regular people know about. We have a good federation, National Team, training facilities, knowledge and experience. If you start MMA today you have completely different conditions. It’s nice to have been a part of that journey.”

Nowadays, Westin focuses more on the other side of the fight game and seems happy with what he accomplished and what the future holds.

“My plan is to work at the Switch Gym, to coach and compete and develop my BJJ.”

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