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MMA fighter Rahmads Stromanis on his participation in the 2022 riots: “This is where I snapped”



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Rahmads Stromanis. Photo via SVT

In November last year, MMA fighter Rahmads Stromanis was convicted to six years in prison for participating in the riots that took place in Örebro in April 2022.

In a new episode of ‘Uppdrag granskning’, a Swedish television program focusing on investigative journalism, the MMA fighter gave his side of what happened during the riots.

“There was a moment when it all broke lose right,” Stromanis said in the interview. “I saw that it was something thrown. And then, basically, the line broke between us. If I remember correctly they (the police) were charging us, to split us up and kind of to get us going, get us moving.”

“Some guys threw a piece of wood, or what not, and screaming, why should I suffer because of that? But they run towards me and I do nothing, you see. This is where I snapped, and so, I joined the crowd.”

Rahmads Stromanis had a leading role according to the police

According to the police, the 27-year-old had a big role in the riots.

“I perceived that he was a leader and one who took ground, and wanted to be in the front and look for confrontation,” a policeman said according to the video from ‘Uppdrag Granskning‘. (Translated from Swedish by Frontkick)

Stromanis claimed that he felt attacked by the police, but said it was hard for him to leave the scene.

“That is if you are at your normal state, but when your adrenaline is through the roof that’s a different state. That’s when your brain doesn’t work you know.”

As a professional MMA fighter, Stromanis had a record of 3-1, with all fights taking place at Swedish events.

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