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Hometown hero Shadi Fakhouri defeated Oscar Lövgren in a gruelling fight at WFP 4



Shadi Fakhouri Wolf Fight Promotion 4 1 MMA Frontkick

Welterweights Shadi Fakhouri and Oscar Lövgren just fought at Wolf Fight Promotion 4. Photo: Stefan Romare / and Wolf

Welterweights Shadi Fakhouri and Oscar Lövgren just clashed in a gruelling fight at Wolf Fight Promotion 4 in Halmstad.

Hometown hero Fakhouri went for a takedown in the first seconds of the round, but Lövgren was able to get up. A gruelling and even round that could have gone either way. Round two continued at the same crazy pace. Both fighters were aggressive and landed good shots. Fakhouri was able to get a takedown but did not capitalize on it.

In the third round, Fakhouri took his opponents back, landing shots while looking for a submission. Lövgren was able to defend himself.

In the end, Shadi Fakhouri stood as the winner via unanimous decision with 30-27 on all judges’ scorecards.

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