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The Swedish MMA Federation Withdraws From IMMAF



The Swedish MMA Federation, (SMMAF), has decided to leave the International MMA Federation (IMMAF). The Swedish Federation announced the news in a press release.

There are several reasons behind the board’s decision to terminate its membership with immediate effect. Read the Swedish MMA Federation’s full statement below!

The full SMMAF press release:

“SMMAF has been concerned about the negative development within IMMAF for a long time. The board has now concluded that the situation is no longer tenable.

A Swedish referee (who also happens to be a SMMAF official) practiced their profession at an international competition in Slovakia.

According to Swedish law, SMMAF cannot prevent anyone from practicing their profession. Note that a referee (in contrast to, for example, national team members, coaches etc) does not represent a country.

Additionally, SMMAF has not engaged in any activities (let alone become a member) of any other international federation, which is what is prohibited in IMMAF’s statutes: “Members must not be members of other international MMA federations” (from Article 9, section 8 that IMMAF refers to).

Despite this, IMMAF is threatening SMMAF with sanctions.

On top of the previously evident issues with democracy and transparency, as well as unresolved safeguarding issues within IMMAF, the SMMAF board has now had enough and has decided to terminate its membership with immediate effect.”

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