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Swedish Champ Lisa Melin Johansson: “I hope to be a part of the National Team”



Lisa Melin Johansson interview

After last years silver, Lisa Melin Johansson finally got her Swedish Championsip gold medal as she defeated her rival Lisa Larsson. The two met in last years finals, with Larsson coming out as the winner via a close decision.

“This year I won on a split decision, just like she did in 2023,” Melin Johansson tells Frontkick. “We fought four times in 12 monts. She’s so good and I have so much respect for her. It’s such a high tempo when we fight.”

Even though she wasn’t one hundred percent happy with her semifinals, she kind of knew that she would make it to the finals. A happy Melin Johansson admits that it took a lot mentally to face Larsson again, this time coming from a loss.

“I had to prepare mentally to face her. In the previous finals I had two wins against her, this time it was different. But the will to avenge a loss does something to you,” she laughs.

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Lisa Melin Johansson wants to fight for Sweden

Just two days after getting her gold medal in Uppsala, Lisa Melin Johansson already feels the urge to get back in the ring.

“I hope that a Swedish Championship gold will lead to more offers from promotions out there. I want to compete at STHLM Fight Night and MTFL. I want to go pro in 2024.”

Her biggest goal, however, is to represent her country abroad. The next big international tournament is the IFMA World Championships in Greece, in May and June, and Sweden will most likely send a small squad due to financial reasons.

“I hope to be a part of the Swedish National Team. It’s a dream to represent Sweden internationally.”

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